What You Need to Know About Your Hormones and Their Importance

You might think of estrogen and progesterone when you think of hormones since they’re the ones usually associated with menstruation and fertility. But hormone balance goes beyond that. Continue reading to know some of the main hormones and their importance. It’s helpful to know these even if you’re not pregnant.


Estrogen is known as the hormone of females. That’s because this hormone is responsible for female characteristics such as breasts and curves. It also triggers puberty. 


This hormone can relax the nervous system. Its main role is to prepare the uterus lining for pregnancy. It also maintains pregnancy when an egg penetrates the uterine wall.


This is the primary stress hormone. It is released by the adrenal glands when a person is experiencing physical, mental, or emotional stress. It also gives energy and wakes you up every morning.


The pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin. It’s important in regulating the glucose levels in the bloodstream of your body. Insulin is crucial in hormone balance because a good glucose level is what keeps a healthy hormone balance. 


Melatonin can be considered the sleep hormone. It gets active at night or in the dark. This hormone is what signals the body to sleep. 

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