The Best Plant-Based Protein Sources

Do you want to know the best plant-based protein sources? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been consuming plant-based foods regularly or if you want to incorporate plant-based protein into your meals. These best plant-based protein sources will benefit you.


There are various kinds of lentils. Green lentils, black and red lentils, and French lentils are the most common. When cooked, French and black lentils keep their shape better. So, these are great when served on their own or combined in salads. Red lentils are the softest, so they break when you cook them. These are great for soups, stews, and Indian dahls.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a perfect protein source because they have all 9 essential amino acids. So, you can place these on top of your dishes for more nutrition. Hemp seeds are also healthy fat, so you should consider the serving size if your dish has other healthy fats. It’s recommended to have 1 to 2 servings of healthy fats in your meal. 


Beans are the most known source of plant-based protein. That’s because it has variety, is affordable, and is easily available. These also can be used in many dishes such as minestrone and tacos. Beans make it easy to add protein to your diet if you don’t want to consume a lot of meat.

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