Benefits Of Eating Hemp Leaves

Discover the surprising truth about raw hemp leaves – they’re not just for vaping or CBD products! Believe it or not, consuming raw hemp leaves (as well as raw weed leaves) can unlock some incredible benefits that make it a potential superfood.
You might think of the cannabis plant as just “weed,” but when we view it from a nutritional standpoint, it’s more like a nutrient-rich leafy green vegetable. Both marijuana and hemp plants, which belong to the Cannabis sativa family, offer many health benefits.
So, can…

What Are Wellness Vapes?

Have you noticed the rise in the popularity of wellness vapes? What makes it so different from vaping juice signature series is that they allow the vaping of hormones, vitamins, or essential oils. However, the Food and Drug Administration has been on to them for their health claims.
Wellness vapes aim to let users inhale non-nicotine products like vitamins, melatonin, green tea, milk thistle, and essential oils. According to manufacturers, this can result in better focus, improved sleep, and even weight …

Tips on How to Be Consistent with a Healthy Lifestyle

Knowing how to stay consistent and motivated is one of the difficulties in keeping a healthy lifestyle. It can be a challenge to feel motivated all the time, so it’s important to follow your goals. Continue reading to know some tips on how to be consistent with your healthy lifestyle. 
Starting from Something Small
Your new healthy lifestyle can’t be perfect right away. That’s why it’s important to start small and be realistic. Then, you gradually start doing more. For instance, instead of including an hour…

Whole Food Plant-Based Blogs That You Should Check Out

It doesn’t matter if you just started consuming plant-based food or have done it for quite some time. Finding new sites can make your plant-based food experience more exciting. You can also connect with a community that supports this lifestyle. Continue reading to learn whole food plant-based blogs worth checking out. 
With Food and Love (
Sherrie is known for her soups, salads, and cocktails. You can rely on Sherrie for easy dishes that are packed with flavor. You won’t only see her yummy …

Tips on How to Support Your Mental Wellness

Supporting your mental health doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can add simple activities to your routine to feel less stressed and make your day lighter. These can have a lot of positive impacts on your life. Continue reading to know ways how to improve your life by taking care of your mental wellness. 
Writing down what you’re thinking or feeling is a simple yet very effective way to lessen your anxiety and stress. If you have no idea how to start your journal, you don’t have to worry because …