What You Need to Know About Your Hormones and Their Importance

You might think of estrogen and progesterone when you think of hormones since they’re the ones usually associated with menstruation and fertility. But hormone balance goes beyond that. Continue reading to know some of the main hormones and their importance. It’s helpful to know these even if you’re not pregnant.
Estrogen is known as the hormone of females. That’s because this hormone is responsible for female characteristics such as breasts and curves. It also triggers puberty. 

How Seed Cycling Can Help with Hormone Balance

Seed cycling means consuming particular seeds during the follicular and luteal phases of your menstrual cycle. Doing this can help support healthy levels of progesterone and estrogen. Also, it’s a completely mild and natural method to lessen PMS symptoms, stimulate menstruation in those experiencing menstrual absence, improve fertility, and help deal with other hormonal issues. 
Seed cycling can be done at any stage of a woman’s life. But the benefits can be better appreciated when a woman plans to stop hormonal birth control or has difficulties with post-…

What Happened to Me During the First Trimester of My Pregnancy

I’ll talk about my experiences during the first trimester of my pregnancy. I hope that this can inspire and give comfort to mothers and mothers-to-be. 
Bigger and Tender Breasts
This symptom is something I saw around the 3rd week of my pregnancy. I still didn’t know I was pregnant during this time.
Morning Sickness
I had mild nausea for a whole day in the 6th to 10th week of my pregnancy. This was worse at night. In the middle of the day, I had indigestion. It …