Benefits Of Eating Hemp Leaves

benefits of eating hemp leaves

Discover the surprising truth about raw hemp leaves – they’re not just for vaping or CBD products! Believe it or not, consuming raw hemp leaves (as well as raw weed leaves) can unlock some incredible benefits that make it a potential superfood.

You might think of the cannabis plant as just “weed,” but when we view it from a nutritional standpoint, it’s more like a nutrient-rich leafy green vegetable. Both marijuana and hemp plants, which belong to the Cannabis sativa family, offer many health benefits.

So, can you munch on raw hemp leaves as you would with spinach or kale? Let’s dive in and find out!

Raw vs. Dried Hemp Leaves: Unraveling the Mystery!

Which one should you choose when choosing between Raw and “Dried” Hemp Leaves? Let’s dive into the details!

Raw Hemp Leaves

  • Packed with health benefits and won’t get you high.
  • Often referred to as “Raw Cannabis Leaves.”
  • Contains a vital combination of 5 of the 24 essential nutrients and vitamins your body needs daily. These nutrients are unfortunately lost in the Dried Hemp Leaves due to high heat.

Dried Hemp Leaves

  • Also known as “Heated Hemp Leaves/Buds.”
  • A traditional way of consuming Cannabis.
  • Undergoes a process called “Decarboxylation,” which converts CBDA to CBD, unlocking its therapeutic potential.

Now that you know the difference, which type of Hemp Leaves will you choose?”

The Benefits of Hemp Leaves

Nature has blessed us with abundant resources for maintaining excellent health, and medicinal plants are among its remarkable gifts. One such exceptional plant is cannabis, and specifically its leaves, commonly known as hemp leaves.

Packed with Essential Nutrients

Raw Hemp leaves are a treasure trove of 5 of your 24 daily essential nutrients and vitamins, including Magnesium, Iron, Folate, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. These little green powerhouses have got you covered!

Protein Powerhouse

Raw Hemp Leaves contain a whopping five times more protein than lettuce. Even Kale, a well-known superfood, can’t match this impressive protein punch.

Mighty Magnesium and Iron

Get your blood pumping with high levels of Magnesium and Iron found in Hemp leaves. These essential nutrients help oxygen flow through your bloodstream, keeping you energized.

Folate for DNA Repair

Fuel your body with Folate, one of the B vitamins crucial for repairing and producing DNA essential amino acids, as well as making red and white blood cells in your bone marrow.

Vitamin C Boost

Boost your immune function and cell health with the rich source of Vitamin C found in Hemp leaves.

Delightful Flavor

Experience the refreshing taste of raw Hemp Leaves, likened to a mix of parsley and mint. Chefs in New York are now swapping arugula for these leaves to add a peppery kick to their salads.

CBDA for Wellness

Raw Hemp Leaves contain CBDA, or Cannabidiol Acid, which research suggests may reduce nausea and vomiting and offer anti-inflammatory benefits for achy joints.

Aromatic Terpenes

Enjoy the earthy, fresh scent of Hemp leaves, thanks to the aromatic oils called Terpenes. These natural compounds also provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Chlorophyll Goodness

Infuse your wellness with the antibacterial, skin-healing, and energy-boosting benefits of Chlorophyll in Hemp leaves.

Fiber for Digestive Health

Boost your digestive functions and support healthy weight loss with the bountiful fiber content of Hemp leaves.

Zinc for Healing

Hemp leaves are a great source of Zinc, which supports wound healing and is vital in maintaining a healthy immune function and DNA synthesis.

Phosphorus Detox

Strengthen your teeth and detoxify your kidneys with Phosphorus found in Hemp leaves.

Incorporate raw Hemp leaves into your diet and unlock the incredible health benefits they offer. From essential nutrients to unique compounds, these leaves are truly nature’s superheroes!

What Makes Raw Hemp Healthy?

holding a hemp leaf

Beyond its exceptional nutritional value, hemp seed oil boasts some extraordinary components that make it a must-have in its unprocessed form. Let’s delve into the fascinating elements that set raw hemp apart:

CBDa: The Superstar Cannabinoid

In raw cannabis leaves, you’ll find CBDa and THCa as the primary cannabinoids. The “A” at the end stands for “acid,” indicating that the cannabinoid in its consumption of fresh cannabis leaves an acidic state. Unlike THC, which requires heat to become psychoactive, CBDa offers its unique benefits. While CBD is well-known for its advantages, CBDa may hold some incredible properties.

Terpenes: Nature’s Aromatherapy

Raw hemp leaves are bursting with natural terpenes, the aromatic compounds responsible for those delightful scents and flavors in the cannabis plant. Picture earthy sage, zesty orange, and spicy cinnamon—these delightful fragrances are all thanks to terpenes.

But these compounds aren’t just about the aroma; they also bring their powerful benefits to the table. Some common terpenes in raw hemp include Myrcene, Linalool, Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene.

Chlorophyll: The Green Marvel

Ever wonder what gives hemp seed its lush green hue? That’s all thanks to chlorophyll! While CBD products often remove chlorophyll, raw hemp leaves are brimming with this natural goodness. And the perks don’t stop at color—chlorophyll has been linked to some fantastic health benefits, including anti-aging and anti-acne properties. Plus, it’s excellent for blood-building, keeping you vibrant and healthy.

Consume raw cannabis and unlock a treasure trove of nutritional benefits from CBDa, terpenes, and chlorophyll. Go natural, go hemp oil!”

Can You Eat Raw Hemp Leaves?

Raw hemp leaves are a fantastic addition to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. William L. Courtney, an expert in raw cannabis, swears about their dietary benefits. He’s all about getting 250-500mg of cannabinoid acids from raw cannabis, which he sees as a crucial nutrient, especially for people in their 40s and beyond.

According to Courtney, the “raw” form of cannabinoids does a better job activating the endocannabinoid system than when they’re dried, cured, and heated.

How to Eat Raw Hemp Leaves?

Love a touch of bitterness in your greens, like dandelion, arugula, or endive? Then you’re in for a treat by consuming raw cannabis in your fresh green salad! These robust leaves add a unique twist to your salad, offering a flavor that bitter green enthusiasts will adore.

For juicing enthusiasts, hemp leaves are a nutrition powerhouse! Whether you have a favorite juice recipe or are eager to try new blends, toss in a handful of hemp leaves (about 1-2 cups) with your other ingredients. You get all the goodness of hemp seed oil without bitterness. Our favorite juice includes hemp leaves, cucumber, carrot, apple, and ginger—a zesty and nutritious delight!

Smoothies are a fantastic and tasty way to nourish your body. Give your taste buds a treat by adding hemp leaves to the blender. These leafy gems blend seamlessly with other ingredients, masking their bitterness while boosting their nutritional value.

Embrace the goodness of hemp leaves in your diet today! Whether you enjoy them in salads, juices, or smoothies, they’re bound to elevate your health and delight your taste buds. If you’re into plant-based diets, try it out and let the natural goodness of hemp seed leaves work wonders for you!

Final Thoughts

Soluble and insoluble fiber, Phosphorus, potassium, iron, Zinc, magnesium, and more are all on the menu with hemp. Plus, it’s a goldmine of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, supported by the antioxidant prowess of polyphenols. Imagine adding this ultra-healthy boost to your juice, smoothie, or salad.

But here’s the catch – finding raw hemp seeds in your local produce section might not happen immediately. However, if you can grab some, don’t hesitate! Embrace the goodness and make the most of this nutritional treasure trove. Your taste buds and body will thank you!

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