I’m a registered dietitian and nutritionist and a nutrition therapy master’s holder. I want to overcome being a perfectionist and encourage more people to be more passionate about nutrition. So, I made Clean Wellness Nutrition. I’m a firm believer that the approach to healthy living is non-stop. 

The experience I have to go through to get to this level hasn’t always been easy. I had challenges in searching for balance, food, and appreciation for myself. Do you relate to this?

I think the best people to help us in our journey are those who have experienced it already. This is another reason why I’m here. I enjoy talking about different approaches to wellness and nutrition a lot. I also like talking about what I’ve gone through and all the hardships I faced. That’s because I want you to feel inspired to share your journey. Wellness is all about your life experiences and your body. So, there’s no single approach to it that can work for everyone.